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Spill the tea on GTA 6 videos and source code leak


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A hacker allegedly hacked into the Slack server of the Rockstar Games and Confluence wiki, resulting in the leaking of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay and source code. The source code and videos were first leaked on the GTA forums where threat actor “teapotuberhacker” shared a RAR archive link containing 90 stolen videos.

Who made these videos?

The videos appeared to be made by developers who were debugging several game features like NPC tracking, camera angles, and locations in Vice City. Some of the videos also contain conversations between the protagonist and NPCs.

The hacker’s confession

The hacker stole the GTA 5 and 6 source code as well as the GTA 6 assets and tests built as shown. He is now extorting Rockstar Games by threatening them to release more data.

The threat actor is ready to sell the GTA 5 source code along with his assets and therefore accept offers above $10,000. However, he is still not ready to see the GTA 6 source code.

When forum members refused to believe the hack was real, ‘teapotuberhacker’ claimed he was also behind the cyberattack on Uber who recently and simultaneously shared screenshots of Grand’s source code. Theft Auto 5 and 6 as proof.

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What does Rockstar Games say?

While Rockstar Games has yet to release a statement on the attack, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier tweeted:

Since the leaked videos made their way to Twitter and YouTube, Rockstar Games has issued DMCA infringement notices and takedown requests to remove the videos.

Take 2 Interactive, the owner of Rockstar Games, said, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Take 2 Interactive,” in a copyright claim . These takedown requests further confirmed the news that the leaked GTA 6 videos are not fake.

Watch this YouTube video:

Last update

Rockstar Games’ efforts haven’t helped much. Indeed, the stolen GTA 6 videos and parts of the source code had started leaking on Telegram by the threat actor and others as well. For example, “teapotuberhacker” leaked the GTA 6 source code file which is 9500 lines long. It seems to be related to running scripts for different in-game actions.

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