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Stray: How to Open Binary Code Vault


Feline adventure Wander is filled to the brim with fun puzzles to solve, and you won’t run out of them as soon as you arrive in the slums.

For example, the game’s first residential location houses a safe sitting in a pile of trash, which you’re likely to come across when exploring the area near the musician near the elevator. How to unlock the safe? We can help you with this.

How to Open Binary Code Vault

When you take the note attached to the safe, you will find that it is simply a password written in binary language, that is to say a succession of zeros and ones, as pointed out your robot companion, B-12. When you talk to most robot slum dwellers, they’ll tell you “only a real geek can read this”, so it looks like we’ll have to find one.

Step 1: Although it’s not a required step to solve the mystery of the real Binary Code Vault passcode, you can search for the geek everyone is referring to. Head to the alleys and look for the door with the black and white plans hanging on it. Scratch the door – a robot will open it, allowing you to sneak inside.

2nd step: Head up the stairs once you’re in the house and find Elliot sitting in front of a computer. If you show him the mysterious paper, he will read the binary code and tell you that you need to check the Dufer Bar.

Step 3: Once you’ve spoken to Elliot and received the intel, head to the Dufer Bar and waltz straight in, then jump on the bar and examine the tropical picture on the wall to knock it down. This will reveal the code you were looking for: 1283.

Step 4: Return to the safe and enter the code you found at the bar to open it. Inside you’ll find Sheet Music 8/8, which you can give to the nearby musician to hear them play a catchy tune before continuing on your way.

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