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Take-Two strikes again with another takedown notice for GTA 3 and Vice City reverse engineering plans


A small group of avid GTA fans are currently engaged in an ongoing legal battle between Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive over alleged copyright infringement. In early September, we reported on our Twitter page that Take-Two had filed a civil action against 5 individual fans. This cause of action comes after the group filed a counterclaim on GitHub weeks after Take-Two sent a takedown notice for the complete removal of reverse engineering projects for GTA III and GTA Vice City. The group of passionate enthusiasts argued that they were not using any offending code, therefore believing the project to be legal. Take-Two was supposed to respond to the group’s counterclaim but never did, so GitHub revived the project.

Somehow out of the blue, Take-Two’s legal team made the decision to take the case much further with a full court battle based in the Northern District of California. You can read Take-Two’s record here.

It’s such a shame that Take-Two took this aggressive step over a few fans who wanted to improve the experience for existing owners of the game. There is no doubt that Vice City and GTA3 can be quite difficult to play on them. new versions of Windows and even on modern hardware. re3 and reVC have brought games back to life in a much more playable state than its vanilla versions still shockingly for sale on Steam.

While the legal battle is ongoing, the company today issued a second takedown notice to GitHub demanding that the owner of the source code platform for the projects be completely removed from its platform in a letter from withdrawal by its legal firm representing the name of the company. This takedown notice from his law firm Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp can be viewed on the now withdrawn project repository.

Over the past few months, Take-Two’s actions on the modding community have sparked outrage and demanded clarity, but so far Take-Two has not commented on the lawsuit. This action is rumored to have influenced Take-Two as it is reported that the company will bring a new set of GTA remasters later this year, according to reports from the folks at. Kotaku.

Unfortunately, the projects were taken offline earlier today and there might not be a comeback unless the reGTA team is able to win the lawsuit somehow. As for the future of the case, we will be following the development of the case very closely over the coming months. It will certainly be very interesting to keep your eyes open!


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