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Tata Advanced Systems to manufacture Boeing 737 fan cowls in Hyderabad


Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) announced on Friday that it had been awarded a contract for the manufacture and supply of a fan cowl for the Boeing 737 at its plant in Hyderabad.

The company said in a statement that it will provide 50% of the monthly requirement from fiscal 2025. Managing Director and CEO Sukaran Singh said the contract was made amid global competition. “The assignment of strategic 737 fan cowl structures to TASL is a testament to the strong relationship between Boeing and TASL,” he said.

Fan cowl doors provide an aerodynamic surface on the engine blower housing between the intake and thrust reverser and protect engine mounted components and accessories. There are two fan cowl doors (left and right) around each motor which can be opened to allow access for servicing and maintenance of motor components and accessories on the motor fan housing, indicated the society.

Projects like these with Boeing and other global aerospace companies have gone a long way in building TASL’s capabilities, so that the company has the ability to build an entire aircraft or helicopter at a high production rate, quality global, in India, the company said. TASL said it manufactures thousands of critical systems and components for some of Boeing’s most advanced products from its facilities in Nagpur, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. It operates a manufacturing facility in Nagpur, where advanced composite floor beams are produced for all variants of Boeing Dreamliner aircraft.

A Tata-Boeing joint venture in Telangana, which manufactures fuselages for Apache helicopters, recently added a new production line to produce vertical fin structures for the 737 family of aircraft.

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