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Two things are currently unusual on the German site Tesla in the field of existing vehicles. First, many Model 3s are delivered there quickly – 13 of them were on Saturday afternoon, although Tesla is typically sold out in Europe by the end of the quarter. Second, they were all very small varieties, but they were presented with two different names. Precise observers have found that this means the first Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus will go to Europe with a larger battery.

Limit for model 3 “evaluated”

Five electric cars in Tesla’s German cargo on Saturday (quote, see photo above) “Model 3 Standard Plus Rear-Wheel Drive” sub-line, the remaining eight “Standard Plus Rear Wheel Drive”. This is obviously not an oversight because the prices do not vary depending on the fit of the equipment, but on the configuration. Source code of the pages for the Model 3, as the word came quickly in a German and French Tesla forum With a long name Find the new code BTF1, which speaks to a different battery. As before, others have BTF0.

German board member Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) also insisted that the BFT1 was a code for an LFP battery with a capacity of 60 kilowatt hours instead of the previous 55 kilowatt hours. As before, it must be from CATL and, according to the member, was submitted to the EU in Models 3 and Y for category approval this summer. There was also some limiting information according to the WLTP: 491 km 3 for the model, 43 km or 9.5% more than before.

Unlike the new battery code, this high range was not initially found anywhere on the Tesla. But there was also a sign of change: in the detail pages of the Model 3 in the German freighter, the 448 kilometer WLTP specification is still there, but only recently “evaluated” after that. While this applies to both versions of the Model 3 Standard Plus, it still suggests that at least something is working here.

Tesla spaceship arrives mid-November

Then Source code search for TFF members All Tesla BTF1s available in inventory must arrive by Jeep by November 17th. Some of the 3 models with the old battery code BTF0 are on the same vessel. With the arrival and delivery of the chef with the new one, it will show whether the happy speculations are reasonable, since the capacity is in the vehicle register. But as long as the new limit is officially on Tesla (if that happens), you don’t have to trust the code’s trust.

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