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The Broncos are well placed, nine of the next 10 opponents did not win in week 1


Two days after the disappointing end against the Seahawks, maybe Broncos Country needs a deep breath.

Yes, Denver is 0-1 after a brutal 17-16 loss. But the same is true for nearly half of the league. The only thing that keeps him from being exactly half of the NFL is made up of the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts who play tied in Week 1.

And good news! The Texans and Colts are both on Denver’s schedule in the coming weeks. Houston travels to Denver on Sunday, where the Broncos are heavy favorites, and Indy will be here on a Thursday night in early October.

In fact, a crazy stat has emerged. Nine of Denver’s next 10 opponents haven’t won their Week 1 contest. We knew the start of this schedule was going to be easier than the tough last six games, but that’s a crazy development.

As mentioned, the Texans are tied. After that, the 49ers dropped one to the Bears. The Raiders fell to the Chargers and the Colts were tied as well. Week 6 will include a visit to Los Angeles to take on the Chargers, the only winning team to start the year. Week 7 is at home against the Jets, who lost to the Ravens. The following week, it’s the Jaguars in London; they collapsed in Washington last Sunday.

After the goodbye, the Broncos head to Tennessee, where the Titans gagged a game against the Giants last weekend. Week 11 sees Las Vegas come to the Mile High City and Week 12 is a visit to Carolina, where the Browns beat the Panthers on opening weekend.

There are two big takeaways here. First, losses occur. Yes, the Broncos’ loss happened painfully on a huge stage, but many other cities are currently experiencing the same emotions as Denver fans.

Second, this schedule is actually very manageable by the end of November. That’s when the Broncos will wrap up their 11th game of the year.

Could Denver be 7-4 at this point or even 8-3? Without a doubt. All of these upcoming teams have shown their flaws. Heck, our own James Merilatt thinks they’ll be 7-1 in the end, ready to roll out a monster winning streak after the loss to Seattle.

It’s too early to start looking at the AFC playoff picture, but it’s not too early to start looking ahead. And right now, the schedule continues to look favorable for Denver.

Getting back on track starts with blasting a bad Houston team on Russell Wilson’s home debut. Broncos Country will be ready to roll.