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The first concepts of the Wii Remote were discovered in the Nintendo Gigaleak


Last year, as you may remember, Nintendo fell victim to a huge “Gigaleak” – revealing the company’s past secrets, source code, unused assets, characters who never had. been seen before, and much more.

Today, over a year later, it seems New discoveries are still being made and today we bring you a picture of some of the early models of Wii Remote Controls. This comes from the Twitter account Forest of Illusion, which focuses exclusively on preserving Nintendo.

As you can see, all the designs are significantly different from the final version of the product. A few even look more like a TV remote in the top half. Oh, and they’re lime green as well – a color that Nintendo introduced before the console was released.

While this is not visible in the image above, it was also noted by Nintendo lover how the designs may have been smaller than the final version of the product. Although this is only based on comparisons of the D-Pad.

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What do you think of these early Wii Remote concepts? Were you a fan of the final design at the end? Leave a comment below.

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