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The Ford Mustang GT is the most American car


The Ford Mustang is uniquely American, thanks to its rich culture and affinity with the masses. However, there is a scientific way to determine which is the most American car instead of just discussing the fact. In the annual “Made in America” ​​index published by the American University Kogod Business School, the Ford Mustang GT is once again at the top of the ranking.

The list rates the percentage of parts used in each car from the United States or Canada, and here’s why the Mustang tops the list.

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The best members of the list

Chevrolet Corvette

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About 88.5% of the Ford Mustang GT is made in the United States and Canada. In reality, that’s only 77% of the parts, but factors like local collection also matter. In any case, the first row only applies to the GT equipped with the six-speed manual transmission. In an extreme scenario, getting a manual transmission drops the native-made status by crazy nine seats! Going down the list, the ranking finalist is the Chevrolet Corvette, with 86% of the content obtained from the continent. Possessing the illustrious third place is the Tesla Model 3, being 82.5% American.

With its V8 engine and 6-speed stick, the GT uses 88.5% American and Canadian parts. However, the fitting of an automatic transmission from Mexico slipped the rank to 10th. A few vehicles spawn more than once, due to different trims using parts from different sources. Due to a large number of model connections, there are 21 vehicles on the school’s top ten list. Seventeen of them are from organizations based in the United States. In a wonderful turn of events, Honda has reserved seats for four of its models.

A year that changed automatic manufacturing

Rear view of the 2021 Ford Mustang GT

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The tumultuous last year rocked the list, as automakers were forced to source spare parts from unusual places. The previous year’s champion, for example, was the Ford Ranger, but this year it dropped to sixteenth as Ford was inventive in sourcing parts from different locations around the world to improve the Ranger. In 2020, the Ford Ranger had secured the best position on the Ford Mustang with 70% of house parts. This year, that amount has dropped drastically from 70% to 40%. Due to supply issues due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that there has been a lot of change in a year.

Mid-range artists

The 2021 Ford Mustang GT

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After the Chevy Corvette Stingray came in second with 86% TDC, the Tesla Model 3 got the next position with a good 82.5%. Model 3 holds an insane record for Long Range, Standard Range and Performance varieties. At 80.5% TDC, the Ford Bronco 2.7L catches up close. The Ford Expedition, Chevy Canyon, Chevy Colorado, Tesla Model S and Y all received fifth place with 80% CCT for each.

Three distinct versions of the Jeep Cherokee share 6th place. The Chevrolet Camaro with automatic came in at number seven while the manual Camaro came in at seventeenth due to its transmission from Mexico. The Ford F-150 and the Tesla Model X were offered eighth place. Honda joined the 10th place with the Ridgeline, Odyssey, Pilot and Passport group. Finally, the Ram 1500 was offered last place with the 5-liter Ford Mustang automatic and the 2.3-liter Ford Mustang with Ecoboost. The vehicles in tenth place were 76% locally made parts.

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Other notable names in the top ten

Ford Mustang GT 2021

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The ranking list shows that Ford and GM had over 70% TDC. FCA, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Kia and Fiat Chrysler came in at 65-70 percent. Tesla is excluded from the table despite manufacturing all of its vehicles in the United States. The electric vehicle maker normally has a number of around 81% TDC. In reality, that would have put Tesla ahead of Ford and GM. When one examines the contrast between the TDC for vehicles collected in the United States and the normal TDC for all vehicles, the fact becomes evident that aftermarket producers serve the United States market from a close base. Honda leads the segment in this category as a non-American brand but a well-established automaker.

Correspondingly, Toyota has a noticeably small TDC in direct contrast to its large presence in the country. This is the result of the fact that Toyota and Lexus import most of their parts from Japan. Many vehicles like the RC, 4Runner and Prius have reached 0% TDC. The lack of semiconductor chips also affected the ranking. This could be the reason why Diamler and Subaru saw huge drops from the previous year. Additionally, the pandemic has caused critical interruptions in auto parts inventories, which has also played its part.

In its notes, the University noticed that Tesla was not consistent with its parts supply and this may be the reason it was excluded from the 2021 chart. The Ford Mustang GT ultimately triumphed as most American car, true to its fame as an icon of American spirit and culture.

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