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KARACHI: When a person utters a phrase or phrase, more often than not the recipient will understand it, unless it contains words that the person to whom it is addressed does not know. Sometimes metaphors and symbols are used to convey messages with multiple meanings. In art as in literature, once the work has been produced, it is no longer up to its creator to define in the absolute what he intended to transmit through it.

Art lovers are, or can be, free to interpret it as they see fit. An exhibition titled The Aftermath of Meaning by Uajala Khan featuring works in collaboration with M4HK is underway at the Full Circle Gallery. It blurs in a rather intelligent way the border between creativity and its effect which makes it possible to extract meaning from it.

Some works presented during the exhibition. -White star

But before we get to the content side of things, a fleeting glance at the kind of hard work and diligence that went into making great frames will suffice. They are made from gold leaf, oxidized gold leaf, wire mesh, perforated steel, wire, meccano parts, spray paints and resins with acrylic, l enamel and mixed media on canvas. This is reason enough to endorse the artists, as the kind of detail that can be seen in it these days is quite a rare occurrence.

Then comes the subject which, in the technical world mentioned by Khan, ranges from questions related to the metaphysical aspects of life to the efficiency of human relationships. One of them, ‘Dia de los Muertos’ is particularly eye-catching, not only because it is full of plastic toys, scrabble pieces and googly eyes, etc. Death as part of a Mexican celebration) in a way that is reminiscent of a free verse poem that has an engaging rhythm covering a difficult subject to manage. And this is where the importance of meaning comes to the fore, which becomes more of a residue of diligent creative production than something that is always there. What a fascinating way to make art!

The exhibition ends on December 3.

Posted in Dawn, le 26 November 2021