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The program teaches children to code, create video games


A program that trains teens and young adults for tech careers is heading to Atlanta.

The North Carolina-based Youth Technology Apprenticeship Cohort is a virtual STEM-based program that focuses on careers such as coding and creating video games. This program has proven to be so successful that it is expanding to 14 cities, including Atlanta.

The program lasts approximately four weeks and is free.

Many of those who have completed the program have gone on to paid internships at large companies. Others landed jobs in fields with starting salaries of $55,000 a year.

“There are many similarities between esports and stem. But one of the most important is that many children, due to their background, do not have access to professional opportunities. YTAC is the solution to this, we are working to bridge the digital divide,” said YTAC director Christian Ponce.

The deadline to register for this program is June 13. For more information, visit stiegleredtech.org/ytac.