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The upkeep and maintenance of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport will cost you around $ 500,000 every four years


Bugatti has always been known for its high service and maintenance costs, which makes sense given that the asking price for their cheapest model is over $ 2.5 million. The company offers a dedicated global service program for the Chiron and Veyron, but what is the real cost of ownership?

Muhammad Al Qawi Zamani, a Bugatti enthusiast from Malaysia who lives in Singapore, visited Bugatti’s new showroom in Singapore and got detailed information on the maintenance of the Chiron Pur Sport. His goal was to calculate how much it would cost to maintain the $ 3 million limited-edition hypercar over a four-year period.

All the costs that you are going to read are converted from Singapore dollars to Malaysian ringgits and then back to US dollars / Euros, so take these as indicative figures. They also do not include taxes, labor charges, transportation, and travel expenses.

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If you choose the Bugatti service program, a team of 10 highly trained Bugatti technicians will travel around the world to service your Chiron or Veyron in the best possible way, and they are available to speak 24/7.

The first overhaul is scheduled for 14 months / 16,000 km (~ 10,000 miles). Technicians will start by replacing the engine oil using Castrol Edge Fluid Titanium Technology SAE 10W-60, oil filter, coolant, and sixteen drain plugs for RM 104,613 ($ 24,979 / € 21,271). If you think it’s expensive, wait until you read the rest of the list.

Replacing the carbon ceramic front rotor discs and 3D printed calipers with titanium brake pad plates costs RM 246,891 ($ 58,952 / € 50,318), while replacing brake fluids, Cleaning brake cables and components will add another 246,886 RM ($ / € 58,951). 50 316). Every 14-16 months / 16,000 km you will also need to replace your lightweight rims which cost 209,225 RM ($ 49,958 / € 42,641) for the set.

We then move on to tires which must be changed every 16 and 18 months. The good thing here is that you have options but either way, nothing is cheap. If comfort is your priority, Bugatti will sell you a set of Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, Michelin Pilot Sport PAX or Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 XL, for 33,476 RM ($ 7,993 / € 6,822).

On the other hand, if you want maximum traction, you should get the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires developed for the Chiron Pur Sport, in size 285/30 R20 at the front and 355/25 R21 at the rear. Understandably, these are more expensive at RM 175,749 ($ 41,965 / € 35,735) overall, but they also offer better handling on the track.

At 42-48 months of ownership, you’ll need to replace Garrett’s quad turbochargers for RM 108,797 ($ 25,978 / € 22,170), as that is their maximum lifespan. While you’re at it, add a set of air duct coolers for RM 92,059 ($ 21,982 / € 18,718). At this point you will also need a new fuel tank which costs RM 184,118 ($ 43,963 / € 37,437) as it is made of vulcanized rubber, multiple layers of reinforced fabrics, and Kevlar. Finally, add another RM119 677 ($ 28,576 / € 24,391) for engine tuning and calibration in order to extract all 1,479 hp (1,103 kW / 1,500 hp) from the W16 quad-turbo of 8 , 0 liters.

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A windshield replacement costs RM 251,070 ($ 59,949 / € 51,169), and even the wiper blades sell for RM 15,902 ($ 3,797 / € 3,240). Another critical issue is the paintwork of the Chiron Pur Sport which costs RM 230,963 ($ 55,148 / € 47,071). So the company suggests never hosing down the car and cleaning it only by hand using special equipment.

Adding it all up, in four years (48 months) you will need at least three oil changes, two rim / tire changes, one set of brakes (discs / calipers), one engine tuning plus one. replacement for quad turbos, air duct coolers and fuel tank. That means the total cost is around RM2,000,000, which equates to $ 477,498 / € 407,577 – and that excludes taxes, labor charges, freight, and travel costs. [Muhammad calculated the four-year-cost at a more sensible RM1,612,000 ($384,909 / €327,768).]

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For owners who don’t intend to drive their Bugatti and who only see it as an investment, maintenance will be much cheaper. According to Muhammad, they only have to pay 439,373 RM ($ 104,912 / 89,337 €) every 14 months in order to keep their supercar in pristine condition – given that they don’t add any miles and they store the car. in a specific location.

Mohammed suggests that a Buggati owner could get a discount of up to 30% on the service charge, depending on their history with the dealership. A wise choice is to get the 4 year unlimited mileage warranty, or even extend it up to 12 years. When it comes to insurance, the cost will depend heavily on each car’s options, location and storage. Either way, while these costs seem outrageous to us mere mortals, we believe they wouldn’t deter anyone who can spend $ 3 million or more on a car from getting one of Molsheim’s best.

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