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There’s another aftermarket fix for the Big BMW M4 grille


Ever since BMW launched this generation of BMW M4 (and its four-door sibling, the M3) in 2020, there has been no shortage of reviews. The comment sections of car sites on the internet are awash with scathing reviews and creative jokes about the design of the M4’s front end. So it’s no wonder that aftermarket tuning companies tried to fix the grille with new bumper kits. The latest brand to create an M4 grille patch is ADRO and it might be the best yet.

ADRO’s fix isn’t minor, it’s an all-new front bumper that only retains the original headlight design. With this new front bumper, a completely redesigned grille is shorter and wider than the original one, while being lower on the bumper. Not only is it smaller than the original grille, but its shape and location causes the front of the M4 to slope lower, towards the ground, giving it a sort of BMW shark nose feel, like an E24 generation 6 series.

It’s not just the grille that’s fixed, though. There are new front air intakes, wider than before, and a lower lip spoiler. The entire front end is wider and lower than stock, making the ADRO-assisted M4 more menacing than the standard car.

According to ADRO’s chief designer, Davis Lee, BMW has never missed the mark with its M3 and M4 designs until this one. However, Lee also said that the front design of this new M4 was “fundamentally wrong”. Lee has worked for Mercedes, helping to design the stunning Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept, and Hyundai, as part of the design team that created the impressive Hyundai Ioniq 5. Lee clearly knows a thing or two about the good design and put his skills to work fixing BMW’s most recent mistake.

ADRO also offers further visual enhancements for the BMW M4. New side skirts, a gooseneck rear spoiler and a rear diffuser complete the more aggressive look. While the front bumper is made of injection molded TPO, the other elements are made of carbon fiber.

The whole kit will cost you $11,300, but if you just want to fix the front bumper, it costs $3,500. ADRO unveiled its M4 facelift at the 2022 SEMA show earlier this month and is accepting pre-orders now. If you pre-order any of these pieces, you also get a discount.

I’ve driven just about every configuration of the BMW M3 and M4 and they’re great cars. They’re fast, handle great, have grip for days, and are comfortable enough for everyday use. My only beef with them has been that grille design. If I owned an M3 or M4, this ADRO grille would be a must have.

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