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Thomson highlights framework for rebuilding a better cadre of Democrats


Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson highlighted how the Democratic Build Back Better framework will meet the urgent needs of Mississippi families by creating jobs, lowering taxes and lowering costs.

As a result of the pandemic, the costs of childcare, health care, home and community care, preschool and higher education, housing, etc. hurting working families in Mississippi and across the country.

The Build Back Better framework offers transformative investments that will meet those needs and finally unlock the full potential of Mississippi families, while ensuring that the wealthiest and businesses pay their fair share.

“For too long, Mississippi families have been held back by soaring costs – from child care to health care to education, the climate crisis and more,” said Congressman Thompson. “To unleash the full potential of every worker and family in our state, Democrats are using this unique moment to build back our economy better. The Democratic Build Back Better framework – which we will soon enact into law – will benefit Mississippi families, with millions of high-paying jobs, historic tax cuts for the middle class, and lower costs, so parents can flourish and succeed.

Led by President Biden and the Democrats in Congress, the Build Back Better framework will be transformative for almost every family in Mississippi: by providing historic investments that meet their needs in the aftermath of the pandemic and ensure that all can share in the benefits. of a growing economy now and for generations to come. As noted in a recently released White House fact sheet, these needs include:

• Child care: The average annual cost of child care in Mississippi is $ 5,864. The Build Back Better framework will expand access to 188,753 young children (ages 0-5) and ensure that no Mississippi family pays more than seven percent of their income for child care.

• Early education: Only 15% percent of Mississippi 3- and 4-year-olds have access to a state-funded preschool, while the average cost of a private preschool in the state is $ 8,600 per year for those who cannot access a publicly funded school. program. The Build Back Better framework will extend access to free, high-quality preschool programs to 59,273 young children, preparing these children for lifelong success and saving their parents thousands of dollars.

• Health care: By closing the Medicaid gap, expanding Medicare to include hearing care, and expanding relief from insurance purchased through ACA, the Build Back Better framework will help millions of Americans. In Mississippi, that means 159,000 uninsured people will get coverage, including the 102,000 who fell into the Medicaid coverage gap, and 73,300 will save an average of hundreds of dollars a year – while making home health care for elderly parents or relatives with disabilities plus. affordable and accessible.

• Tax reduction: Before Democrats got the expanded Biden Child Tax Credit as part of the US bailout, 17% of Mississippi children lived in poverty. The Build Back Better framework extends this life-changing tax cut and continues our historic progress towards reducing child poverty.

• Climate impacts: Mississippi has experienced 33 extreme weather events over the past decade, which have cost families more than $ 10 billion in damage. By reducing carbon pollution, building the resilience of communities, and strengthening the U.S. clean energy economy, the Build Back Better framework will create well-paying union jobs, advance environmental justice, and spare Mississippi families. the high costs of recovery.

The Build Back Better framework also makes generational investments in higher education, workforce training, affordable housing, nutrition assistance and more.

The full backgrounder on Congressman Thompson and President Biden is available on Thompson’s website.

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