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TIBCO announces new additions to its Cloud offering


TIBCO launched Cloud Discover and Cloud Composer, as well as TIBCO LABS Gallery, a new way for customers to interact with its innovation center.

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TIBCO Software on Wednesday announced three additions to its TIBCO Cloud offering: TIBCO Cloud Discover, TIBCO Cloud Composer and TIBCO LABS Gallery. These innovations emerge from the TIBCO LABS program, where customers and partners interact with TIBCO employees to innovate around new products and update existing products.

“Innovation is essential to the success of an organization, and TIBCO LABS is proud to be part of the innovation journey alongside our customers and partners,” said Nelson Petracek, Global Chief Technology Officer at TIBCO, in a Press release. “As a result of these collaborations, we are excited to introduce two new solutions, enabling customers to discover processes, variations or bottlenecks through process exploration, and accelerate application creation. with modular building blocks. We have also created a direct route for clients to participate in the innovation process with the new TIBCO LABS gallery. ”

TIBCO Cloud Discover is a new software-as-a-service offering that enables customers to gain transparency in their business processes using application data and process exploration. It provides a single environment for users to perform analysis, variation discovery, inefficiency quantification, and compliance verification.

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“Before an organization can properly identify exemplary automation opportunities, it must understand how its processes and resources are executed and used,” Petracek said in an email. “Not how they are documented, but how they actually work. TIBCO Cloud Discover brings this information to the fore and helps organizations prioritize and identify opportunities for automation, optimization and improvement in compliance.”

The LABS version of TIBCO Cloud Discover is currently available through the TIBCO LABS program under the name Project Discover, with the release of TIBCO Cloud Discover scheduled for 2022, the company said.

TIBCO Cloud Composer is a software-as-a-service offering that enables customers to develop cloud solutions and applications by leveraging TIBCO’s integration, analysis and data management capabilities. The offering is designed to support rapid application development for the cloud, combining microservices and APIs, case management, messaging, decision management and analytics into one unified application, a declared the company.

TIBCO LABS Gallery enables TIBCO Cloud users to access interactive demos and cutting edge developments from TIBCO LABS in the areas of IoT, blockchain, cutting edge analytics, augmented reality and composable applications . Gallery makes it easy to test LABS projects on custom use cases, join the program, recommend innovation projects, or request access to various LABS projects.

“Think of the Gallery as a LABS Marketplace on TIBCO Cloud,” said Petracek. “It highlights a number of LABS projects, provides links to available resources, open source code, etc. and, in the future, will allow users to try out the capabilities of a particular project.

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