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Tornado Cash source code is now available on GitHub


The controversial Tornado Cash virtual currency mixer code Return to GitHub following a month of downtime.

Last month, after the US OFAC announced sanctions against Tornado Cash, GitHub has disabled associated accountsincluding the story of Roman Semenov, co-founder of Tornado Cash.

Then last week, the Treasury Department authorized users to retrieve funds from Tornado Cash, and individuals who deposited funds into Tornado Cash before August 8 could apply for an OFAC license to “engage in transactions involving the virtual currency in question.”

Following this, Ethereum lead developer Preston Vanloon youged GitHub lifted the ban on Tornado Cash, as the Treasury announcement said “U.S. persons would not be prohibited by U.S. sanctions regulations from copying open source code and making it available online for others can see it”.

After the code ban was lifted, Vanloon tweeted, “Looks like everything is in ‘read only’ mode, but this is progressing from an outright ban.”

As of August 24, an unofficial archive of Tornado Cash code is available on GitHub. Matthew Green, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, built the archive.

Tornado Cash addresses continue to be sanctioned, but users can still access the site due to its decentralized structure.

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