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Visulon launches new 3D plugin, custom viewer and image compression, all free with its core platform


Visulon compresses the 3D object to reduce the size for cloud storage and transfer, then expands the compressed file in the Vi3D Viewer to its full original quality. Image compression works with GLB/GLTF, FBX, OBJ and other common data types produced by industry leading 3D software such as Browzwear, CLO, Kaledo, 3DMax, Modo, etc. Visulon’s compression logic does not permanently modify the original file settings. .

Visulon 3D plugin, designed in consultation with Browzwear, eliminates the need to manually render, export, store and upload 3D product images to Visulon using SFTP or manual drag and drop methods. Since its release at Visulon customer Puma, thirty designers have already mapped over 1200 3D product images, and their process innovation team is excited about the automation.

Visulon’s new plugin supports the use of custom 3D poses. Knit tops or woven pants can have different 3D mapping configurations, and the plugin is designed to manage and save them.

Visulon’s 3DViewer is 100% cloud-based and designed to support GLTF, GLB, FBX, OBJ file formats, it also works with all browsers. It offers the possibility to adjust the position of the camera, the intensity of the lighting and the angles and allows rotation and automatic backup. It has user specific settings to adjust FOV, camera light, distance, angle or ambient light.

Arun JoshiFounder/CEO of Visulon, said, “The new release of the 3D toolset strengthens our position to bring cloud 3D to our customers. Visulon continues to be at the forefront of technology adoption for major apparel and fashion brands.

For more information please visit Visulon 3d plugin with image compression and viewer

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