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Watch This Awesome Custom 1967 Ford Mustang About To Flip


Flipping cars is an art that most car enthusiasts wonder if they could try their hand at.

On the surface, resell a classic car for a profit sounds like easy money, but it’s usually far from it.

In its latest YouTube video, Classic Nation attempts to repair and resell a beautiful 1967 Ford Mustang within 30 days in hopes of making a profit of $10,000.

But with several issues to address, such a short deadline is certainly an optimistic goal.

A 1967 Ford Mustang is a good car to return to the used market

If there was ever a car that would be an easy model to flip, a 1967 Ford Mustang.

An iconic model, the pony car is world famous, and therefore in high demand, thanks to its amazing style and dynamic characteristics.

Although with a long list of modifications, this car provides an even better base in the quest to turn it around for profit.

In the first few minutes of the video, the pair go over everything that makes this Mustang unique, including the so-called “Shelby drop” position, which means the front is slightly lower than standard and the leaf springs rear which also lower the car a bit.

Along with the modified suspension setup, the car features aftermarket disc brakes, Corbeau bucket seats, an all-new stereo system, in-dash LCD display, sleek 17-inch wheels inches.

All in all, these modifications make this Mustang a great restomod car.

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This does not mean, however, that the car is ready for the market.

With a simple primer, the car will need a full paint job, with gloss black being the preferred color choice.

Second, the dashboard has a big crack that the boys will need to replace; a relatively low cost of $160.

A few noises around the engine will also grab attention while a chassis banging towards the rear of the car also grabs the attention of the guys.

Again, this car looks like a great base for a simple repair and rollover.

The Restoration 1967 Ford Mustang Is Undoubtedly Cool

Under the hood, the crate engine is a mix of a base 302 with multiple 289 elements.

With many modifications though, it breaks the mold of any Ford Mustang engine, especially with several mods bringing the car into the 21st century like electric fan, external starter.

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On start-up there are some unwanted noises as the Ernst brothers point out, but overall the sound is brilliant, thanks in part to the custom exhaust.

As the brothers take the car for a drive, they point out several things to look out for when buying a car.

If the car has power steering, working dials and car tracking are all things to check on a test drive in an older car.

With the guys spending $11,500 on the car and planning to invest an additional $4,250 to get it into salable condition, they’ll need to sell it for a total of $26,000 to hit their profit target of 10 $000.

We wish them good luck in achieving this goal.