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What’s new with the facelifted 2023 BMW X7?


When BMW revamped its X7, it took one of its most controversial cars and made it even more controversial. However, for some enthusiasts (including this humble blogger), it has improved with its new facelift. Not only in its appearance, but also in its technology. So let’s take a look at some of the new X7 updates.

We have to start at the front, where the massive grille remains massive but its headlights have changed quite a bit. Replacing the old, far too skinny lamps are new split headlights borrowed from the new 7 Series. The new headlights actually make the grille look more proportionate to the rest of the front end. While I don’t to like the design, I think it’s much better than before.

Inside, the BMW X7 also receives some updates. The main one is the addition of iDrive 8, which replaces the old iDrive 7. It is an improved infotainment system that adds more features, while making the user interface simpler and easier to use. utilize. Admittedly, the new air conditioning functions, integrated into the touch screen, are annoying. However, the rest is an improvement.

bmw x7 facelift gray dravit 05 554x830
Photo by Hendrick BMW and instagram.com/krispycaptures

One of the biggest upgrades inside is the new digital gauge cluster, which comes in a package with iDrive 8. The old Live Cockpit Professional kind of sucked. It was confusing, ugly and lacked any kind of real customization, the latter being the whole point of digital gauges. However, the new one is sharper to look at, has better graphics, is easier to read and understand, and offers more customization, but still not as much as its competitors.

The BMW X7 LCI also gets a new engine, the all-new S68 engine. The S68 is a true M Division V8 that will power all future V8-powered BMWs, even non-M cars. In its M Performance X7 M60i specification, the S68 produces an identical 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft as outgoing S63 engine. However, this is just to keep the M division hierarchy alive.

[Photos by Hendrick BMW and instagram.com/krispycaptures]