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Xeikon gives a tour of the innovation center to Label congress participants


Xeikon, which was co-located with parent company Flint Group at Label Congress, organized in-person tours of its latest digital label printing technology. With Label Congress taking place a short drive from the Xeikon Innovation Center in Itasca, the digital printing specialist guided visitors through its showroom.

Donna Covannon, Marketing Director, North America for Xeikon, and Todd Blumsack, Director, Label and Packaging Sales Manager for Xeikon America, led the tour, which included live prints from the printing press. of Xeikon PX3000 digital UV inkjet labels. The company also announced the launch of new Panther models, which will include the Xeikon PX2200 and Xeikon PX3300, replacing the PX2000 and PX3000.

Xeikon’s X-800 Digital Front-End and toner-based printing technologies were also highlighted. The company’s software and color services were also common topics of discussion for attendees at the Xeikon booth in Rosemont.

“Over the past year, Xeikon has launched several new innovations and products,” Filip Weymans, vice president of marketing, said ahead of the show. “Now printers and converters are really able to see our vision come to fruition and what it can mean to them. The careful construction and structure of our portfolio is about to pay off, and we are now poised to showcase even more exciting innovations that will pave the way for a digital future and “shut down” production and manufacturing.

“With our latest innovations, printers and converters will be able to meet the current and future needs of print buyers and brand owners. Having a clear view of their production environments means they can track progress and make quick, flexible decisions on the fly. This is why digitization can be a game-changer, ”he concluded.


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