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YouTuber Can’t Resist Rescuing Two Abandoned Mopars In Need


Saving an old muscle car is a noble pursuit, and it’s surprising how many of these vintage rides sadly rot in fields, old barns and disused dungeons. It’s heartbreaking. No one wants to see these cool pieces of American history wither away. Many of these cars are far too valuable and far too cool to be left to fade into the dirt.

A small team based in North Carolina does its part to save them. They call themselves “The Poor Guys” and run their own YouTube channel. Their motto is “Let them tear, not rot”. Armed with flatbed trucks, low-bed trailers and winches, they pull old vehicles and breathe new life into them. And here you can see them saving some real classics – a 1973 Dodge Plymouth 1972 charger and satellite.

Save the Two Barns Discovery Classics

In this video, which they describe as a “quick snatch video”, we see them busy rescuing the two abandoned muscle cars, located in what appears to be the remains of an old barn. The owner has sold the land and just wants to get rid of the cars.

The red Plymouth rests inside a small section of the abandoned barn. When the guys take a closer look, they find out it’s just a shell. The car was pretty much completely stripped, in their words “grilled”. All of its glass is missing, and even the steering wheel is missing.

Gray primer paint covers large sections of the Satellite’s body, a tail sign that someone attempted to restore the car some time ago and gave up. The rest of the red/orange paintwork suffers a lot of neglect, and its unpainted hood has a large hole where the shovel housing once stood.

The ’73 Charger is unmistakable with its distinct chrome grille, sits out in the open. Its orange paint is now a bunch of different shades, and rust seems to creep through every panel. All of its glass is intact and much of the car’s interior looks salvageable. The Charger’s trunk is open, and inside is what looks like the stock engine block and transmission.

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Round One: Saving the 1973 Charger

barn find charger
via YouTube (Poor Guy Garage)

On what sounds like a cheap soundtrack to an Italian spaghetti western, the guys start packing the Charger for transport. The first job is to put air in his tires. Then attach a winch to its subframe and slowly hoist it onto a low bed trailer. It is quite heavy work.

Back at the house, one of the guys examines it: “Too bad it got fried.” Looking inside, he adds, “The coolest thing about this Charger is the Tach. I love vintage tachometers, and this one’s a good one,” he says, examining the chrome tachometer, which hangs above the center console. “I’m not going to separate it, I’ll sell it whole,” he mentions, rummaging through the center console for pennies. “I won’t work on this car, the rear started to move as we moved it, the frame is not very good.”

Inside the car, the Charger’s sad cloth seats are completely worn out. Wanting to see what’s under the back seat, he tries to lift it and twists his back in the process. When he finally manages to raise the seat, he comes across half of the car’s construction document, stuck under the seat. The tattered document appears to have been a good source of food for a family of mice. And there are also other telltale signs of a rodent infestation, which requires the services of a leaf blower to remove all the debris.

Round Two: Rescue of the ’72 Plymouth

72 Plymouth barn find
seen on YouTube (Poor Guys Garage)

“If you’ve got a winch, you can do anything,” he remarks as he rolls the Plymouth’s rusty engine block and gearbox onto a trailer. Once lit, it’s the car’s turn. He positions the low-bed trailer in front of the classic muscle car, which is missing a front axle, and transports it to the set. And just like they did with the Charger, he guides it carefully up the ramps, having to manually adjust the wheel alignment, to get it in place. Then he ties it in place for the return trip.

Plymouth barn find
via YouTube (Poor Guy Garage)

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Here’s what happened to both cars

2 muscle cars found in the barn
via YouTube (Poor Guy Garage)

They end the video with “Keep saving them, don’t crush them… We’ll keep saving them, if you keep loving that kind of stuff.” This is just a quick video, you can do this too, make sure you have a winch,” is the advice.

We were eager to find out what happened to the cars featured in the video. So we dug around a bit, and found a Facebook post that the guys made, advertising the two. The 72 Plymouth as a “project” for $3,000, and the Charger as a “split car” also for $3,000. $6,000, not bad for a few hours of work and some gas.

A tagline on their profile reads, “If the bones are good and you can convince the dreamer who owns the car to part with it, you can bring it back to life.” All it takes is money, a little talent, and oh yes, more money! Very true.

However, in this case it should probably read “If the bones are good, we’ll save him” and stop there. Because they didn’t spend money restoring either of these cars, or use any of their skills (apart from using a winch), or bring them back to life . But on the plus side, they dug them up, which is a good start, and obviously very lucrative too

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