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Zentera helps SMBs defend against insider threats and ransomware


Zentera System has released a major upgrade to its Zentera Air Zero Trust Services platform, providing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with a range of options that leverage next-generation Zero Trust Security technology to address common security challenges. matters of cybersecurity.

SMBs and large enterprises face many of the same cybersecurity issues: ransomware threatens business continuity, external compromise triggers compliance and data protection issues, and theft by malicious insiders threatens global competitiveness. long term of the business.

Both share an increasingly distributed workforce and rely on third-party contractors, and both are looking to cloud computing. Unlike larger enterprises, SMBs typically have limited IT and IT security resources and often lack the ability to consider major infrastructure upgrades to keep up with the changing threat landscape.

The new functional levels of Zentera Air are structured to meet the most common SMB requirements and use cases without any infrastructure engineering effort:

  • Zentera Air Essentials offers a simple, easy-to-deploy option for securing access for remote employees and contractors by deploying remote desktop services combined with Zero Trust identity controls and data leak prevention.
  • Zentera Air Advanced allows remote users to directly connect to applications and resources inside the corporate perimeter without a VPN, using Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). The Advanced tier also supports secure access between cloud-based applications and on-premises services in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Zentera Air Ultimate combines Essentials and Advanced level features with Application Chambers to create an application cyber shield that hides critical applications from the network to protect them, continuously checks application access against corporate policy, and detects and blocks the abnormal traffic triggered by attacks such as ransomware or insider threats. Zentera Air Ultimate also integrates a machine learning-assisted policy engine to streamline security hardening and enterprise policy configuration.

Zentera Air’s new features are derived from the proven security of the CoIP Access platform, which has been widely deployed by large enterprises, and has been optimized to make it easy to deploy Zero Trust Security controls in minutes.

After subscribing to the Zentera Air service from one of Zentera’s global points of presence, administrators can simply onboard mission-critical application servers to Zentera Air services without disruption, and start locking down user and application access to apply Zero Trust principles.

“Zero Trust is one of the hottest topics in cybersecurity, but actual adoption has been limited to larger enterprises due to infrastructure and operational issues,” said Jaushin Lee, CEO of Zentera. “Zentera Air brings the revolutionary benefits of Zero Trust Security to SMBs with a non-disruptive, layer-based, and easy-to-adopt solution. Our simple flows and ML-assisted configuration enable SMBs to adopt Zero Trust Security, even if they lack cybersecurity expertise.

The new Zentera Air offers are immediately available to existing and new customers, and come with a 7-day free trial.